Red Clay Rally in Hind sight….

The Red Clay Rally was the first one of it’s kind any of us within Wolfpack Overland have ever competed in, and will not be the last.  In the end, I had driven over 900 miles on my new Tread Wright tires since leaving my house Thursday night, and returning home Sunday night at about 2200.  It had been amazing and exhausting both in the same breath.  We met numerous people from all over, driven in three different states, been everywhere from the big cities, all the way to camping in a cow field!  And in the end…. I am amazingly glad that we did it.  It was a true test of our rigs and personal abilities, and we done it without even hoping to win any prize.  We did it much like we do it for everything else…  for the adventure, to meet new people which quickly become friend, and to someday sit back as the old guy in the crew and tell stories around a campfire to all of the young ones that are about to embark on a similar journey.
Huge shout out to Zach and the entire Overland Tennessee team for starting this event, and all of the hard work they had to put into it.  An even bigger shout out goes to all of the people on the trails that were getting out of their comfort zone, and pushing their rigs to the extent they did throughout this rally as well.  Wolfpack Overland will be back for a repeat next year, and every year following that as well.  Hope you’ve enjoyed my stories of the first ever… RED CLAY RALLY

P.S. we finished in 6th place for those wondering…. and honestly, we could have cared less!  Cause we are already planning the next one! Don’t miss out!!! 


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