Store is finally taking shape…

Love this beard oil!! Make sure you check his stuff out. Congratulation, Deviant on the store !!

The Deviant Opinion

Well after a lot of work and a little debate, the website is starting to come together. With local success at festivals and with return customers, I decided an online store was the way to go.

I currently have a small customer base filled with great people. People who recommend products on their own time to friends/co-workers, I couldn’t ask for a better group of people. With that said, I have taken steps to set up an online shop. As of now, the products are not available for purchase through the store itself due to setting up payments, taxes, shipping, etc… but I hope to have that remedied soon.


I am happy with the current design. It does need information added about products and the brand itself, but overall it is pretty fleshed out. With that said, I am open to any criticism from users. I urge anyone with the…

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