I can be fancy too :)

With everything going on within my personal life, the Wolfpack growing, my business growing, a new venture on the horizons… I realized that I had forgotten something.  I realized that even though Whit was beside me basically all the time within my daily operations, and on every Overlanding trip I take, that I had forgotten to take the time to make sure that she has some time with just her and I.  Not driving, camping, hiking, working, or staring at a computer screen as we plan to take over the world… But time… Legit time to just relax, and enjoy.  

It was the 27th of the month.  For those of you that know me, you know that this is the busiest time of the months for me, but… It was time.  I texted her at about 1600 hours, and asked for a date night. After she picked her jaw up from the floor, and made sure that I hadn’t quit my day job, she finally agreed! LOL.  I must admit… this is not my norm, and I fully understood her surprise.  So with the plan about 1/2 done in my head, I jumped in my demo at 1730 leaving Knoxville, and heading home.  

Once home, it was a quick trim, sliding out of the suit for the day, dawning a pair of jeans, t shirt, and flip flops and BAM! I was good to go! Chilling out for a few in the living room and relaxing as she came in and got ready ,and we was off.  Without much of a plan we jumped in the car and headed out.  Thankfully I’m a quick thinker, and realized I needed a plan…. Google search the place that came to mind to check the hours, and it was final.  We were heading to the General Morgan Inn in the historic Greeneville Tn district.  Whit had never been here…. and it’s rather “Fancy”.  The smile on her face, and nervous fidgets as we stood to be seated said it all.  She was happy 🙂 
We enjoyed a wonderful meal, amazing service, laughed at all of the people in the room that looked at us as though they were better than us as we sat there in our jeans and t shirts. And we had an absolute amazing dinner.  It was definatly long overdue for a date night with us getting to simply relax and unwind, and something that I now realized I have to make it a point to do much more often! 


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