What else can you do….. on a Sunday 

When life gets hectic, you have to take that moment to unplug. To relax. To get yourself back to square one. So, Sunday that’s what a few of us decided to do!  The trip took longer than we expected, as we explored more than we had planned as well, hoping to find a through trail. We failed at that part …. but we did find out that USFS locks random gates for no apparent reason as well!  I truly TRULY wish that all of us within the Overlanding community could get some assistance with these gates, and more so finding out more and more why they are closed, and is there a method to it. 
Anyways … here’s a link to a quick video of the trip up Bumpus Cove, just outside of Irwin Tennessee. Enjoy ! 

Click 👇🏼 there 

Bumpus Cove Trail Ride 


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