It’s not hard to feel like a man

Today, myself (@ramoverland), and my brother decided that we needed some time for us. In today’s busy world, we often get so wrapped up we forget some of the simpler things in life. I decided that we needed to get up to Kingsport, Tennessee and visit my buddy Brandon Wilson,aka Slick the Barber. 

I met Slick about a year ago due to my good friend Jeremy ( sending me up his way. Slick is a true old school, traditional, 100% barber. A mans barber. A man that had a dream, and fulfilled it with his new shop, Blue Collar Barber Shop.  Him and his friend John Flanagan have truly made something special. Let me explain….

As we pulled up to the store front of the barber shop, we were immediately met with a glass window adorned with the Blue Collar Barbershop logo including all of the classic tools of the trade. As the door opened, my nose was immediately filled with the smells that reminded me of being 5 years old again, and my papaw taking me to his old white haired barber shop down in Maryville. 

The smell of talcom powders, shave cream, and palmade filled the air. Three old school leather barber chairs lined one wall, and about 8 customers lined the other!  That’s right … this barber shop was completely packed. As we walked in, we were both greeted with smiles and handshakes from Slick, 311 playing in the back ground, and old school touches everywhere we looked. 

You see, these “traditional barbers”, are not your papaws barbers. These two tattooed, Harley Davidson motorcycle riding barbers have breathed new life into an art form that has been lost by many. Up on the walls, my eyes were immediately drawn to the tattoo flash style art work, antique hub caps, and fully stocked shelves of palmade and shave cream. 

As we waited our turn, the conversations ranged from motorcycles, to the typical talk of paramedics and fire fighters, all the way down to banter between Slick and a you boy who was excited about school. It was like everyone there had known the other for years. Once it was my turn, I was given one of the sickest skin fades, straight razor shaves, and best hair cut I have had in almost a year. I had truly forgotten how good he was at his job… and then it hit me. I know why he’s so good. He’s good, because this is his passion. He’s good, because he cares. He’s good because this shop, is his dream that has finally became his reality. 

If you’re ever close, or able ….. don’t hesitate. Take 20 minutes out of your day, and goto 1115 Lynn garden Dr in Kingsport Tennessee. Let slick line you up, give you that sick fade, hard part, flat top, or whatever you want…. because I can promise you this.  You’ll not find anyone any better, than Slick the Barber and The crew at Blue Collar Barber Shop!!


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  1. jeremygouge says:

    Not only is Brandon one of my best friends, he’s an even better person. I love taking my boys there for haircuts, suckers and a hard time! I am also glad to see another buddy of mine in that chair, Josh Jones! And hey, if he can make Pickle look good then we all gotta go!

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