Something new!

A few weeks ago, we purchased a Fuji X100S from an amazing photographer friend of ours (Jeremy Gouge  He is an amazing photographer…. and I have since found out that I am NOT!  I’ve watched multiple YouTube videos to try and greater my knowledge of this camera, it’s settings, and just how these things generally work. You see… I’ve almost always used whatever iPhone I had at he time for any and all photos/videos that I wanted to take, but I wanted better. 

There are many places that we go, things we see, and we wanted to be able to share some of these with the world. And this… was my answer. 

Now… here’s the reality. I totally suck!! Lmao. If you’re actually good at this, I could def use some tips of the trade. Maybe some different options. Some knowledge on whatever all of these weird buttons and switche do or mean. Maybe …. just maybe… I can get some of the beauty that we see, and be able to share it with all of our internet folowers and family. 

**Disclaimer** I’ve talked to my brother, Jeremy Gouge. He’s also gonna give us the crash course on this fancy piece of computer chips, lenses, and electronics. I just gotta get up his way to sit at his favorite coffee shop, and let him. But until then….. welcoming all advice!! 


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  1. jeremygouge says:

    We will have you running that beautiful x100s like a champ real soon I promise!

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  2. shocku992 says:

    That’s a great camera! You’ll really like it.

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  3. I actually think the pictures look pretty good lol

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