2017 seemed to be a blur. With many things happening, my job taking me to different levels, constant juggling of finances, selling the Ram, and the list goes on and on and on…. About a month before the clock struck midnight and 2017 ended… I made a decision. I decided I wasn’t happy. I was in the worst shape of my life, I was constantly tired, I ate like absolute sh*t, and I knew I needed to fix it. So, before you start to think that this is one of those “New Years Resolution” stories… let’s not get it twisted. The Automotive Retail industry that I am in (yeah… I’m open of those “sales managers” at a car lot) takes a toll on people. Not only physical, but also mentally. I had buried myself into my career for years and neglected not only myself, but my family as well. It was time to change.

This is and will consist of numerous things. Better diet, going to the gym 6 days per week. Remembering to work while I’m at work, and forget it when I’m not. Three months (ish) into this process, and I feel amazing. I look better all over, my skin is better, my mood has increased ten fold, and I am happy with what has happened thus far. During this process, I also made the decision to get an additional phone. I wanted a line that only my son, dad, one direct supervisor, and my better half would have the phone number to. This way, when I had a day off… the phone that I have had for over 10 years simply stayed at home. No unnecessary dings, pings, rings, or emails. When I’m “off”, I AM OFF!

As crazy as that sounds…. it’s truly made a difference. The one difference that I never expected, was the second phone taking me to a place very different! I had had a blackberry many years ago, but been on an Apple device since about 2009. I found a deal on a Blackberry Keyone, and it was love at first swipe!!!! Stay tuned as this continues to develop, but as of just this morning… I swapped the SIMs. The Blackberry is now my 100% EDC phone!!

***Photo credit to the one, the amazing, the only, Jeremy Gouge. Owner of


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  1. Tobias Mann says:

    I wish you luck in your journey toward turning your life around. I had this decision made for me about a week ago when my position was eliminated in the way of my company’s financial difficulties. It rocked my world because it was who I was. It wasn’t a job or work it was my passion and I loved going to the office every day. Back on the job market, I am now forced to look on this year as an opportunity for rebirth. I’m glad things are working so well for you. I hope I’m doing as well in three months.

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    1. All things happen for a reason. I know that at this point in your life, that probably sounds like a cliche… But I’ve found over the years that it rings true. Good luck, my friend. I wish you well!!

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