Coffee….. Or is it

I get it. It’s 2018. Times change. Habits change. But this one, has truly surprised me as I’ve watched it unfold right before my very eyes. Picture this if you will. It’s 1985. You wake up to a brisk fall morning, toss back the covers from a deep slumber, and try to get your eyes to focus as you stumble down the narrow hallway into your kitchen. While trying to be quiet, and not wake up the entire house you fill an oddly shaped semi clear container with tap water and proceed to pour it into the top of a machine. This machine makes “magic water”. It’s a brand new, 1985, top of the line, Bunn coffee maker. As you finish pouring the water into the top of the machine, you flip on the little switch on the front that emits an amber glow. This glow is almost as warming to you as the smells that bellow out into the air as the water flows through the coffee grounds inside that very same machine… Yes… You can smell it. It’s Folger (or JFG) coffee!! The smell runs rampid through the house at this point, and you can almost feel that old house coming to life. Whilst you drag a porcelain cup out of the top of the cupboard and pour your first cup, you hear footsteps coming down the hall as the rest of the family is 100% ready to steal your “magic water”… Your fresh… hot… black… coffee. Those were the days. The “Good old Days”.

Now lets jump to 2018. We wake up almost in a frenzy. Grabbing our mobile tracking device (cell phone), sling on some gym clothes, stumble through our home (which is larger than we even need), jump into our car (which we also have paid too much for in order for people to see how “important” we are). We drive off to a gym (which we also pay for), walk through the door in order to workout for 45 minutes to an hour (trying to make sure we aren’t too fat, or whatever the case may be)…***deep breath*** THEN we jump back in our car, drive back to our home, shower, shave, adorn ourselves with today attire, barely see our spouse, get BACK in the car, and on our way to work stop and get some Mocha Choca, Caramel 1/2 skinny, 1/2 fat, venti, mocha, 800 calorie drink that they call…. “Coffee”. I mean, I know that if you’re reading this… at this point you’re probably thinking “WOW.. This guys is insane.” And maybe I am. BUT… Think. Maybe your morning isn’t quite like this, but I DO have a point. My point… Coffee.

What has happened to it!! LOL. Now, you can pay $6, $10, heck… even $15 for a single cup of coffee. They make it pretty, and all of the “coffee shops” give the feeling of relaxation, but.. It’s coffee. A drink now with an almost cult like following but at the end of the day…. its just Coffee. A dark, warm, soothing beverage that gives you that added boost of caffeine to wake you up, get you going, start your day off with just a few moments of silence except the sound of the water trickling down through the grounds and into the pot… Sometimes, all this “convenience” makes us forget the little things… the simple things… the good things.


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  1. Tobias Mann says:

    I love coffee, but I’m only going to buy a specialty drink every now and then. A Capachino or Latte properly made with good beans is something to behold, but for less than $2 I can a locally roasted brew and experience coffee in a way that I can replicate from the comfort of my home.

    Once upon a time in the early days of my college career, and before I graduated and entered the real world, I discovered how coffee can have an evil side. Dependency really is a horrible mistress. A french press broke my dependence.

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