How can a person be a “Brand”???

If you think back to when you were a child, I want you to remember for a few moments. I can remember seeing Michael Jordan and instantly thinking, “Nike”. Or Larry Bird and instantly wanting to go to the cupboard and get out my beautiful orange box of Wheaties. It’s funny isn’t it. These companies made these people not only their spokespeople, but they really made them their brand! Things just go hand in hand. You think of a Captain of a Pirate ship, and you think of Captain Morgan. Think of a Margarita, and boom… you’re humming a song by Jimmy Buffet. This has always intrigued me. The fact that advertising has the ability to “tie” a person to a thing. Much like we do in our lives, whether we mean to or not. Take me for example. When people that actually know me think of me, they say “he’s the guy that sells cars”. Or my brother… “he’s the paramedic”. And this list goes on and on. We become that “thing” that we are. We almost create our own, “brand” without even meaning too! So why? How does this even happen? How much control do we have over this? Is it an “image” that gets burned into our brain? Can we change it not only for others to believe, but ourselves as well? Is there a “science” to this? How does a person become, a “brand”?

I think that in many ways our “brand”, is simply an image that is perceived by the general population. Maybe, it’s due to what we do, the clothes we wear, our online presence, or quit possibly…. an accident! So, if we as people are also a “brand”… can we change it, and why would we? Well… Personally, I don’t like being the “car guy”. Quick background, I’ve been in sales since about 2002 and in Automotive retail since 2007. I’ve done everything from being a salesman, to internet sales, Sales Manager, GSM, and even Gm. So I know how this has happened, but… I like to think of myself more than that. The saddest part of all of this, is that I’m now 36 and have zero idea as to what I would pick as my “Brand” even if I could. I’m currently in school to get my real estate license for the state of Tennessee, where I hope to actually put the words “Professional Salesman” into the Real Estate market here, as I’ve yet to see anyone do it locally. And to do what I want, I DO need to brand myself. I need to not only brand myself as a salesman, but a real estate agent, a finance agent, the “go to guy”, and multiple other things. Has anyone ever watched the movie Two Guns?? Remember Bobby “I know a guy”… THAT is who I would like to be. The one guy, that anyone can come to, and I could help. And I don’t mean sell something to in order to make money for myself… I truly mean HELP people. Can it be done? Will it be done? Can I do it? Can I do it alone, or will it take an army? All of these questions run through my mind as I push myself forward down this uncharted path. From my minds eye…. I can see a path through the forest. An old, and well worn path that has since been covered with vines, and weeds… fallen trees. Debris. Things that I will have to pick up and throw out of my way. Chop down. Bull Doze over….. but the answer is YES. I will succeed….. It’s only a matter of time……


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