I quit! I give up! It’s too hard! I can’t! It’s not worth it! It’s impossible!

How many of the above statements have you said… or thought… or even written down on paper. All of these statements are issues that we all deal with on a daily basis, IF we’re being honest here. It seems that if we can convince ourselves that it IS too hard, or impossible, or not worth the reward, that it’s easier to justify quitting. I’m sure that everyone reading this has at some point in their lives have saw the picture of two guys digging a tunnel. One stop just three strokes shy of finding the diamond, and the other has been digging longer and harder, and still hasn’t found the diamond…. but he isn’t quitting. Sooo… which one are you, and which one do you truly want to be.

If you’re lucky, you’ve found yourself in a place in your life where you LOVE your job, and are working daily on something that you’re truly passionate about. BUT… if you’re like the majority of people in the world, you wake up everyday, do to the same job that you’ve been at for years, sit at your desk while “working”, and constantly asking yourself WHY. The answer to the question is simple. The WHY, is because you simply said those first few statements too many times. So the real question, is HOW we make certain that this cycle stops. I’ve read many books, blogs, articles, watched numerous videos, and done other research on how people teach others to “be successful”. One of the MOST common things that i have found while doing this, is that most of the people that are truly successful, have learned how to accept failure and NOT QUIT.

Personally, I have found this part of it to be one of the most difficult hurdles for ME to overcome. I mean, lets face it. If we are all honest, we can all probably say the same. Failures happen… and in most cases, daily. They can even be life changing, or devastating depending on what it is you’re dealing with. So how can we cope? I have said all of this in HOPES that everyone reading this will HELP ME with your information. If you can take just a few seconds, and comment below telling me how you have found to BEST DEAL with your personal failures. I don’t care if you are talking about failures in life, love, professional life, parenting, or whatever the case may be. I’ve started writing this Blog to have a good way to vent my issues to the world from behind a desk, and try to make ME become a better man. So I want your input!!



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