Ramblings of a mad man

There are days that you simply wake up feeling like a million bucks, and there are days where you simply don’t want to get out of bed. Everyone has them… Some people say it’s worst on Mondays, others blame shorter time of sleep, but whatever the reason…. Somedays are simply “better” days than others. Yesterday (2/19) was one of my good days, even with the “Monday Blues”. Nothing was out of the ordinary… Same hours of sleep, same bed, pillow, routine before bed, all of it… Was simply my normal routine. However, I woke up easily that morning, jumped in the car, headed to the gym, and had one of the best leg workouts that I’ve had in a month. So, what was the difference?? Why did I simply feel better all over this day.

I’m not a doctor, I don’t have any degrees from any fancy schools, but I do have some common sense, as well as a journal that I keep on a daily. It’s simply a Field Notes book that lives in my back pocket, but I jot down notes as I go through my day. Some good, some bad, bad all are my thoughts and/or feelings from that particular time and place. I took a few minutes to look back through some of these notes. Looked at my foods, my drinks on particular days, the weather, anything and everything that I could see about the days that I simply felt “better”. Now here’s the funny part….. I had overlooked something so simple, that I think I may have found one of the key components to ME having more good days, and less bad. The days that I had my BEST days in the gym, easier time getting my fat as* out of that big comfy bed at 0530, the day before there was something that was different…. I hadn’t been “mad”.

Let that sink in for just a minute. I hadn’t been “mad”. At least not mad enough, that I had made any notes of it in my journals or writing. Is that possible? Can my feelings directly affect my sleep, or mood over 12 hours after the fact? Is that even a possibility? There’s not really a way to type that question into google to see what some internet doctor has to say (trust me, I tried LOL), however there are multiple things that you CAN do in order to better release these issues. But….. will my theory work? How can anger affect you for that long a period of time? Is it within your sub concise mind that simply keeps running in the background even when you’re sleeping that keeps you from entering into that good REM space? Is there more to it? Will 30 minutes of meditation and reflection before bed help this issue? Can being mad at some random point during a day affect your ability to lift heavier or less heavy the following day? Well…. I don’t know. Like I said in the title. This is only my ramblings, but there are some good questions that I wish I could come up with some valid answers for as well.

So…. for me, all I know to do is try. On the days where the stress feels like I’m about to explode, or I’ve been ready to strangle someone at the office, I’m going to simply try and modify my mind. With any luck, I’ll be able to minimize the times that these things happen within the workplace as well, but we all know…. The workplace within the Automotive Retail Industry is a very stressful place to almost literally LIVE in. I am now making a 100% effort however, to try and fix the issues, and especially before bed. Meditation, reflection, calming scents, all of it…. I figure hey.. If it puts on an extra 2 lbs of muscle per month simply because I’m having better days in the gym; IT’S WORTH IT!


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