Rainy days…

It’s Sunday morning. The outside thermometer says 49 degrees. As I peer out the window, there is an eerie grey coloration to everything. It’s almost as though this mist of moisture falling from the air has stalled everything this morning. As the clouds slowly move across the horizon, you can almost see the smallest rays of sunshine trying to fight through the clouds. I have this vision of the movie 300 playing out in my mind, and I think that’s what it must look like in the heavens as the clouds and rain collide with the shining sun from up above. There seems to be a stillness to the world around me. An odd calmness. No birds moving. Nothing… As if someone hit a pause button on the TV. It’s days like this, that gives me time to “reflect”, and/or reset. So with this… My mind has began rambling. It’s now to the point of where it’s finally hitting pen to paper, and the design and plans are coming through for the newest edition to the garage.

With the sale of the Ram truck, and the change over to simply using the JKU I had to make some alterations. What I wasn’t aware of until I started looking heavily into the availability of options for installing my RTT (roof top tent), is that the majority of the mounting racks have to be drilled into the fiberglass (ish) top of the Wrangler. UNLESS, you go with one of the larger Gobi racks which bolts everywhere front and back, but leaves it a 1/2 day task to remove the top for the day you wanna just ride. Both of those ideas seemed like they wouldn’t suit me, nor my lifestyle at all. Sooooo…. The only option I had left was 1) buy another off road vehicle and spend 30k or 2) get a trailer. I opted for 2, and I must say I’m a little excited about it! This trailer will be nothing comparable to the overland trailers that you’ve saw such as the HEO (Highland Expedition Outfitters), or anything of the sort. This is a simple and small design, that will allow me to get where I wanna go, set up my RTT, haul my gear, and that be it. I’m trying to take my time with design, and remember what I liked and didn’t like about my rack set up on my last truck too. Needless to say…. this should be fun! So stay tuned, and I’ll update you as we move along with the build.


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